<VV> Corvair parts-2 dr wagon

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Wed Feb 13 13:30:14 EST 2013

What you talking about, Bob?

I just said they were rare, not non existant.

And both Owen and Gene refer to ones they knew about.

And speaking of crew cab Rampsides and El Vairs (El Corminos), one club
member just sold his El Vair to an Oregonian, and another club member is
building a crew cab Rampside.

Frank DuVal

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You guys lack imagination.  I've seen several 2-door Corvair wagons 
through the years, some crudely done, some nicely done.  I even owned 
one back in the 1970s.  It would be no surprise to me to find that one 
of them has made its way to an Arizona boneyard.

I have even seen a six-door wagon (seven, if you count the tailgate).

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