<VV> 1964 engine fan questions

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Thu Feb 14 23:10:11 EST 2013

There is no difference in the COVER between road draft tube and pcv 
system. Both systems use the same hole in the side of the cover. 
Different exterior plumbing makes the change.

Frank DuVal

On 2/14/2013 9:47 PM, Bryan Blackwell wrote:
> On Feb 13, 2013, at 12:20 AM, Ramon Rodriguez III wrote:
>> Also if I remember correctly, only the 64 fan is good for use on a 145 cid
>> engine unless you swap out a bunch more parts.  Does the 64 fan go directly
>> onto a 62 or 63 top housing/bearing with 62-63 turkey roaster?  My
>> understanding is yes but I want to make sure.
> Yes, the '64 fan goes onto a '61 - '63 bearing without mods.  Be aware that it actually moves a little less air, if the car is a PG you won't really gain anything.  On a stick car the belt tracking is much better, and if the fan belt is off the fan doesn't pump any air at all =:-O
>> What is the problem with putting a 65 up top housing and fan on a 145 cid
>> engine?  I think I have one this way and there is no apparent problem but I
>> don't know if that is luck or if it will lead to overheating?  I think I
>> remember that the problem is with clearance to the turkey roaster (too big
>> a gap maybe?) and/or pulley height issues.
> Right again, the complete late or early top cover/fan assemblies can be interchanged (I've seen '64 fans on lates too).  The bearing can be pressed up or down to adjust the fan to shroud gap.  Heating the cover makes it easier to move up and down.  The big difference in the cover is the PCV tube vs. road draft, but you can swap that or convert as desired.
> --Bryan

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