<VV> Corvair Radios - RetroSound

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 16 19:47:56 EST 2013

Amen brother!  I also bought one of thoese RetoSound radios about a year ago.  It fit in the stock location but the angle was totally wrong, with some tweaking of the bolts and knobs I was able to get it in but you still couldn't read it from the driver's seat.
It worked ok for less than a year, then all of a sudden...no sound at all.  I took it out and noticed that it weighed about a third of the original stock radio...it feels really junky.
I'm planning on sending it back, but at this point, I'm going to put the stock AM radio back and hide a stereo under the front seat.
They can make all kinds of sophisticated modern electronic hardware, but there's nothing as good as a solid heavy hunk of metal with old-fashioned transistors, filters, whatever...
Best regards...Bill Hershkowitz  66 Monza Sport Sedan 110 PG A/C

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