<VV> She's gone

Arjay Morgan n3lkz at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 18 20:03:20 EST 2013

Long, long time lurker here, but it's time to say goodbye.

We had our 64 Monza convert for six years now. We met some wonderful friends, and the car and the friends we made gave us enormous pleasure.  That's the good stuff.

Now the bad stuff. As time passed our coterie of fellow Corvarians began to deterioriate. One of the group committed suicide, another died a horrible, lingering, death. Others were saddened by the deaths and began to sell off their cars. Eventually the Corvair fanciers we had come to know just weren't there anymore and,....we began to lose interest.

After sitting in the garage for a year I decided it wasn't fair to the car to just let her rot, so the painful decision was made to sell... I had her entered in the Carlisle Events auction at the Zephyrhills Autofest this week. But then Carlisle did what used car dealers always do -- they failed.  The package of information for consigners never appeared. Emails went unanswered. I began to think that if this is the way they operate, how would they operate during the actual auction.

That's when I put the ad on Craigslist and a nice gentleman from Maine responded. Yeah, he hammered me and I sold it for a loss, but the rationale was that it didn't look too bad if I considered that I was just renting the car for six years. Better yet, he's an experienced car restorer and he plans to give the old gal yet another lease on life.

So, it's goodbye to our Buttercup, and probably time to say goodbye to Virtual Vairs.

So, my friends, adieu.

Arjay Morgan 

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