<VV> Getting Corvair engine onto engine stand and run the engine ?

Charlie chaz at properproper.com
Mon Feb 18 20:37:39 EST 2013

Yes, that was my first obstacle, getting the engine onto the engine stand!


Having just a carport with an aluminum and fiberglass "roof" and with the
stand's middle "foot" being under where the jack would go, I needed to jack
it up 37 inches ~ as
r/86BF3B1D5AE24748482568A1000BFAC7> Blues Traveler said, "Most Precarious" !


I may try to run the engine before I put it in the car, not dyno-testing,
but just idling, so is this going to be a problem?


Thanks for all the useful responses I got - I didn't want it to crack and
cause more problems!


I like the rotisserie, now too build one for the car!


Thanks again ~




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Yes, my engine stand is just bolted to the bench, It hangs from the bell
housing. At least ten engines have used it without problem. I have a chain
fall mounted to the beams over the mount to raise the engine to the mount





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Subject: <VV> Corvair engine on Harbor Freight engine stand ?

Hi guys,

Is the Corvair engine safe to "hang" on an engine stand?

I bought the Harbor Freight engine stand
(www.harborfreight.com/750-lb-capacity-engine-stand-32915.html) and just
wondering if the aluminum bell housing will support the engine hanging off

It was quite a trick getting it up high enough to mount it, too, but it
beats working on the driveway!

Back to work on my lifelong 1967 Monza project!

No new pix yet, but here's what I have so far - you might say I have a
"reverse Midas" touch with this car, so who knows what the future holds?

I'll keep you posted so you can egg me on ;>}~!


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