<VV> ENGINE STAND for CORVAIR motor work.

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Tue Feb 19 08:10:43 EST 2013

My personal preference is the hydraulic table for working on motors.   I 
have dropped them out on the tables , then rolled them to where I work , build 
 them , run them , and sometimes install them , all on the one hydraulic  
Yesterday I moved one from the table to the installation jack alone . I  
have a piece of the thick 5 or more layer cardboard under the motor to work 
on.  It made sliding the motor over to the jack a snap.
The motor I pulled went to the workbench for now via the hydraulic table. I 
 have run all of my "creations" on that table and made all adjustments 
before  installing the motors. There are pictures on the website  cnycorvair.com 
.  Many more coming soon.
My problem with a stand years ago was loading it alone.  No such  trouble 
with my present setup.
regards, Tim Colson

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