<VV> custom distributor curve?

Ramon Rodriguez III corvairgrymm at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 02:11:28 EST 2013

Ok so from the replies thus far I got some general ideas on where to start
as far as springs go, not too much on different weights.  Apparently trying
to recurve the distributor to suit my engine is going to be a matter of
trial and error.

About the VA, the vast majority of the time I'm going to be driving this
car on the street so retaining the VA for fuel mileage would be better.  If
it is practical I can disconnect and plug off the VA when I get to a
competitive event and advance the base timing appropriately.

I'll be running the Carter knock eliminator for what that is worth.  I'd
love to think that device would allow me to advance the hell out of the
timing and count on it to prevent engine damage but I'm sure that would be
a horrible idea.

Ray R.

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