<VV> Corvair mention in latest Automobile magazine (Apr. '13)

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Fri Feb 22 20:12:28 EST 2013

The latest issue of Automobile magazine to arrive in mailboxes (April 2013) includes an article starting on page 52 entitled "Caddy Track" and subtitled "We Slow Down the Cadillac XTS Only To Meet A New Friend".  In the article Cadillac's new full-size model is driven on Texas Route 130 to the home of Ed Cole's widow, Dollie Cole.  Why?  Well, if you could have fun driving new cars that you didn't have to pay for and make a living writing about it....  Anyway, there's a side bar time line of Ed Cole's life which includes "1959 Brings the Corvair to market and makes the cover of TIME, telling the magazine, 'If I felt any better about our Chevy Corvair, I think I'd blow up.'" Mercifully, the article is devoid of any editorial suggestion that his words were regrettable.  There is a photograph of a framed copy of the magazine on the wall in Dollie's home and the TIME cover story is briefly mentioned in the main article, too.

~Bill Stanley

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