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Cliff Tibbitts tibbitts at qx.net
Wed Feb 27 10:00:30 EST 2013

Okay, now I find this interesting. I had a similar problem.  When cruising
at a constant RPM, 2500-3000, for example I would get a periodic backfire
out of the right side of the car. I have a 140, dual exhaust so I can be
certain the miss was always on the right side. I attributed it to the
Petronix II module itself so I went back to points.  For a while, I still
ran the Flamethrower II coil.  The miss went away, so I again determined
that it must have been the module.  Eventually, I replaced the coil with a
good, OEM unit.  I am currently running the completely stock setup.

In the meantime, a friend of mine installed my P-II on his turbo car.  I'm
sorry but I cannot remember if we installed the Flamethrower II or not.  I
should pay more attention to detail.  He ran it for about a week with no
trouble then returned it to me.  

Now, all this has me wondering if I might want to consider going back to the
P-II using a stock coil similar to what Mark is using?????  But, I really
don't mind replacing the points once a year.  It only takes a couple of

FWIW, I installed the exact same P-II unit and Flamethrower II coil in two
different engines of my own with the same results so one of the two must me
at fault.  I wish I could remember which coil I used for the turbo car. 

Insights and suggestions appreciated. 

Cliff Tibbitts
Lexington, KY 

>Ray, I can verify what Lon said. I went and bought a premium ECH IC12 coil
for my 62 from NAPA and the car smoothed out. NAPA also has high performance
>coils but they warrant them for a short period of time too, because of the
extra capacity. But to tell you the truth, I never saw a performance change
>one to the other.

>Mark Durham

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 11:54 PM, <corvairs at pacifier.com> wrote:

>    This is only partially correct. While you cannot use the 
> Flamethrower II coil with anything other than an Ignitor II, you can 
> use almost any coil with the Ignitor II. Pertronix claims that the II 
> coil works "better" with the Ignitor II, but is not the only coil that
will work.
> Lon
> www.corvairunderground.com

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