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Sat Jun 1 10:46:54 EDT 2013

Ray:  I don't know if anybody has taken the time to determine if, or which, after market pans and/or valve covers contribute to engine oil cooling.  My guess is probably not, as surface airflow across them probably doesn't due much cooling.  Air being very turbulante under the car.  

But if you go to a deep pan, get a deep pick-up.  Auto-crossing and sometimes playing extreme boy racer of the street will slosh the oil into the pushrod tubes and give you near zero oil pressure for a second or two.  

The best deep pans have some baffling in them, our they need it added.  Deep pans may also drag on a slopped driveway. 

If someone says "that's never happened to me" with a stock depth oil pan, either they are not going fast enough, or are to wide-eyed doing it to notice the oil pressure light flickering. 

Been there, done all of the above. 

Historically Yours, 
					James Rice

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Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2013 04:30:29 -0400
From: Ramon Rodriguez III 
Subject: Finned oil pan/ valve covers brand?
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Any opinions or Hard data on which are best?  Otto, clarks, or offy?

Separate opinions on each item (mismatched sets) welcome.

Ray R.

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