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I certainly think you are entitled to my opinion! <grin>.
The Otto parts pan - which you already have, and the Otto Parts baffle  
spacer - available from Clarks, along with the special low hanging oil pickup  
for use with this combination, also from Clarks,will provide the oil control 
you  need for pressure maintenance. Be sure to check during assembly to 
verify the  position of the pick-up, (Maybe 3/8" from the bottom?) Otto parts 
made  several different pick-up with different height positions. With the 
baffle  spacer installed, the pan will then hang down a bit, but not as far as 
some. You  could mill-off some of the fins at the very bottom to get more 
clearance. But  the fins may just gradually disappear in regular use! Usually 
headers are  the first to make contact.  For valve covers, the only thing I 
really like  about the cast aftermarket valve covers - all of them, is their 
rigidity. Ignore  almost all cooling claims. If you run extra valve train 
stabilizers, you will  have to go to the deep covers, but otherwise a 
standard cover will work.  Installation of your covers, whether steel or aluminum, 
is the real test of oil  "control". Take the time to do it right. Oil on the 
headers has given the  Corvair a bad rap in racing circles at times. It has 
happened to me when I  got lazy.
PS - About the Offenhauser valve covers. I ran them on my open-wheel Lola,  
they worked fine. When people would walk up and ask what kind of motor I 
had in  it, I pointed to the lettering on the Valve Covers and said: "An Offy!"
Yuk-Yuk-Yuk!  -Seth  
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corvairgrymm at gmail.com writes:

I should  have mentioned that autocross, occasional time trials, and lots of
street  driving are my intended use.

Ok so the cooling effect is negligible  apparently.  Does this mean that the
finned valve covers are basically  just for looks (and under the car!) or
are they still worthwhile  somehow?  This makes me start thinking I should
consider selling my  aluminum valve covers to buy more useful stuff like a
big oil cooler,  suspension bushings, sway bars, or maybe an MSD ignition.

I recall at  least some of my aluminum oil pans having some baffling, if
nobody knows  which have the best baffling (or if there is a better cheaper
solution for  baffles, I'll have to check my books, and Seth's new book!)
I'll have to  take a look at the ones I have.  I have an Otto oil pan and a
Clarks  oil pan, no Offy.

I've got a set of Offy valve covers on my red car, I  think they are in
excellent condition but I'd have to remove, inspect, and  photograph them
before I could sell them.  I might test the waters on  ebay to see if I can
get a good price for them since they are not readily  available.

Ray R.
Certifiable Vair  Nut
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