Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Wed Jun 5 15:50:31 EDT 2013

O.K., all, what kind of mpg do you get with your cars? I have gotten a
suprise. My 62 coupe with the 64-110 with .030 oversize bore, 270 Isky
cam with mildly ported modified heads, roller rockers, 140 exhaust
manifolds and dual exhaust with 65 carbs with 51 jets has gotten 25.9 mpg
and 27.3 mpg the last too fill ups on unleaded 10% ethanol 91 octane fuel.


I'm pleased with my '67  110/pg /3.27  with 194k miles....and at least one used head  put on by the PO  20 k miles ago..
Western  Minilite stylewheels [ 11 lb]  with 65 series  high pressure tires...    good alignment for least rolling resistance  and still handle well.
  Carbs are '65's HV'swith 51's   Distributor gets  32 total at 2400 rpm.. with  a VA  that doesn't pull-in at less than 10" Hg
T-stat  is sheilded to cause fast  warmups to   Cyl. headtemps of 350  in 2 miles of driving.
19-20  around town.....  27  on ONE tank on a 260 miles   road trip  on Hwy 101 [ 2 lanes  - coastal ]

  Running E10 /  89 octane [ cooler coastal temps]

Matt Nall

Charleston, Oregon



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