<VV> Blower bearing oddity

Sethracer at aol.com Sethracer at aol.com
Wed Jun 5 20:17:47 EDT 2013

I disagree with Matt (not the first time!<grin>). I have seen this  happen 
many times. If you want to hope that it will never  happening again, just 
add a hammer to the tools you travel with, just in case.  What many of the 
racers do is take the top cover off and drill into the side of  the supporting 
aluminum, where you know the shaft is behind it. When you hit the  shaft, 
stop. Now remove the bearing assembly and tap the housing for a set  screw. On 
the bearing shaft, there should be a polished mark where you  contacted it 
with the drill bit. Take a grinding wheel and grind off a slight  depression 
in the shaft at that point. Then, maybe with a little Locktite,  press the 
bearing back in with the newly-ground depression ending up at the  tapped 
hole. Definitely Loctite the set-screw in place where the tip will enter  the 
ground depression in the shaft. You are done.
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cmckinley313 at verizon.net writes:

The  engine was at full operating temp at the time, so it didn't
take much of a  whack to move it. I'm curious whether this is anything
like normal  behavior, or if there's something in the fan belt geometry
that I need to  adjust to prevent a recurrence. I thought that the
press-fit nature of the  blower bearing would prevent this sort of
circumstance. Words of wisdom  would be much appreciated.

Chuck  McKinley

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