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Yeah, I'll yield a little on this one--------------On the other hand, read


But YOU wrote:
> I wrote to them with the story about the GM executive who demanded that the Corvair be able to

> repeatedly stop the car from 60 MPH by shifting the Powerglide from drive to reverse.


Norm is well respected...."Anon"??  unknown....  but 2nd hand  reports..

Bob Helt has the GM Test data  IIRC!  

Any rear engined  vehicle will stop  pretty well  with just the rear tires locked up...due to weight over the wheels...

And as far as Mythboys... they probably tested a newer vehicle than a 60's,  where they've been made "idiot proof"!!!ggg

Bottom line... it doesn't really matter.....  gg

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon



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