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BobHelt at aol.com BobHelt at aol.com
Fri Jun 21 22:35:05 EDT 2013

Maybe some GM executive actually said that...and maybe it's  just hearsay. 
So if true, please cite a reference to this comment. 
However, if you are thinking of Frank J. Winchell, head of the  Transaxle 
development section of GM, please be aware that this comment didn't  come 
from him. Frank that the Chevrolet  automatic transmissions were  required to 
survive 100 WOT LOW to reverse shifts on dry pavement. Note that the  LOW 
position is specified which actually eliminates the possibility of achieving  
60 MPH.
Bob Helt
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hihal6 at gmail.com writes:

I wrote  to them with the
story about the GM executive who demanded that the Corvair  be able to
repeatedly stop the car from 60 MPH by shifting the Powerglide  from drive
to reverse.

I never heard a word back and decided that  they didn't want   their
previous experiment proved wrong. Maybe  enough time has passed that they
would repeat the PG reverse experiment  along with repeating the 1973 NHTSA
study. THAT would be an episode worth  recording!

Wade Halsey

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