<VV> Installing gas tank

Frank 64monzaconv at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 13:56:52 EDT 2013

My grandson and I wrestled with replacing the gas tank on my EM a few months ago.    Removing the sway bar and gas tank was fairly easy but I found installing the new tank almost impossible (for me) to accomplish.  After talking to my local club members, I decided to cut out a 5x5 inch opening in the wheel well.  After smoothing the sharp edges around the opening, I found installing the hoses a pretty easy task.  Unlike Mr. Hartzel, I covered the opening with a similarly shaped piece of sheet metal and spray painted the wheel well area with a flat black.  The patch is virtually invisible.  Also, when your laying under the car trying to replace the sway bar (tired, sweaty and now in a hurry to wrap up the project) and it wont quite line up, don't try to force it, turn it around.  At least that worked for me, ha !!!  Frank

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