<VV> Changing Things

Gary Berry duallycc at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 15:32:28 EDT 2013

Hey All;

   I have a reverse-rotation Corvair engine in my fiberglass dunebuggy. I'm
pretty sure that I sanded it the last time out at Pismo Beach. I have
pulled the barrels and rings. I went to check the end gap on the rings, and
they just fall through the barrel. Oh, this engine has a YR on it's id
number which indicates it's a 145ci(?). I have measured the pistons, and
they come out to 3.44 inches on the diameter which is strange to me cause
the book I have says it should be 3.1 or close to that. Anyway, I have
another engine (164ci) here that runs good and I'm thinking about swapping
the barrels and rings from it to the reverse-rotation engine if the pistons
are the same size. Any problems with this idea? If need be, I can also swap
the rods and pistons over and throw some new rod bearings at it. I really
don't want to split the case. Just wondering. Thanks.

GaryB in Prosser, WA

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