<VV> discovered 62 posi diff snout fractured

Harry Smith harrysmith1957 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 30 17:42:40 EDT 2013

I agree with all Tim has stated and I will add that it is important to be
sure the diff housing is set up properly on the press. Trust me on this
part! You may or may not recall I broke the snout on mine years ago when I
pulled the drivetrain out of my Rampside. About 10 months ago I finally got
around to replacing it. I have worked on diffs before so I have an
understanding of them, taking it apart was easy and I had no problem
pressing out the broken part. I had a NOS snout I got from a member that I
was installing, I had it almost all the way in when it went a little
crooked, I repositioned the press to straighten it, had to put a lot of
pressure on it and promptly snapped the bell housing in half. When I
moved it in the press I failed to support both sides evenly. I found a used
housing from a member and it was a breeze the second time!
Harry Smith
1963 Rampside
Coral Springs, FL 

On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 12:05 PM, shortle <shortle556 at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Hi Ray, These are great questions and and you will end with many
> conflicting answers. Here is a couple of mine based on my experiences. The
> snout (actually clutch release bearing shaft) needs to be replaced for this
> stuff to operate properly. This is a fact. The shaft in question is the
> same for all manual transmission differentials, posi or not. I have
> replaced this part by either paying someone more knowledgeable than myself
> (in my case it was Steve Goodman) or by "counting" the turns of each of the
> 3 cones and then putting them back EXACTLY with new seals. This is assuming
> it is set up properly to start with. You will need a hydraulic press to
> remove/install the replacement shaft. Now for the kicker, you will ruin
> stuff if you don't set up the diff. properly. Gear backlash and bearing
> preload are just a couple of things that come to mind. You will need to use
> a proper type tool to turn the cones. They are cast iron and are soft. Be
> careful, don't break off the teeth/ears.
>  Others will have different opinions. Some will say this job is easy (so
> is brain surgery if you know what you are doing) and I am sure it is.
> Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado 81301
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> >
> >Hi guys.  Today we finally got to installing that 140 engine in Ben's
> >62 coupe, a job I had asked lots of questions about some time back.
> >Ben is a good friend of mine ( he is 27 years old) who fell in love
> >with Corvairs after riding around in mine quite a bit.  Ben rode along
> >with me a couple of years ago when I bought a cheap 62 PG Monza coupe,
> >black with red interior, and he fell in love with the car as soon as
> >he saw it and told me he wanted to find one identical but with a four
> >speed.  A year or so later we found him a barnyard 62 Monza four speed
> >coupe which he bought for $400 and we towed it to my house where it
> >has been for a year or so since while I helped him work toward getting
> >it put together enough to drive in what tiny bit of spare time he has.
> > The car has some body rust and bad floors but the undercarriage is
> >actually pretty decent... for now it is destined to be a "rat rod"
> >with a 140 engine upgrade, but he does plan to slowly turn it into a
> >nice car as time and money permit.
> >
> >We have had a couple of rotten luck setbacks which I've helped Ben
> >through, starting with the discovery of a shredded rear wheel bearing
> >that I replaced with one from one of my project cars without telling
> >Ben what they cost.  The one thing that made up for it was we got
> >lucky and it turned out the car had a posi diff which Ben was excited
> >about.  Today, while we thought we were within 24 hours of having the
> >140 engine installed and the car finally on the road we suffered
> >another huge setback... that posi diff turned on us!
> >
> >When we separated the 62's engine and transaxle I found the snout seal
> >retainer floating on the shaft.  The seal is shredded and the snout
> >has a fracture at the bottom.  I've heard many mentions of the dreaded
> >broken diff snout, and I always use my threaded rods to protect the
> >snout when separating or assembling drive trains.  This discovery
> >explains the oil saturated clutch and rough engagement that made the
> >car essentially undrivable.
> >
> >My first question is whether or not the part we need is different for
> >a posi than for a standard diff?  Next up is whether or not replacing
> >the part is any worse a job on a posi diff?  Ben was crushed by the
> >disappointment so near the goal of finally driving his Corvair after a
> >year of waiting.
> >
> >I have never done any differential or transmission work, this will be
> >a new experience for me and I'm not 100% sure I'm up to the task.  Any
> >help and/or advice would be appreciated.
> >
> >Ray Rodriguez III
> >Lake Ariel, PA
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