<VV> Engine compartment sound insulation - fire?

Dale Dewald dkdewald at pasty.net
Sat May 4 10:39:43 EDT 2013

On 5/04/2013 01:12, J R Read wrote:
> I saw a "show" car recently (2 weeks or so ago) which had black carpeting -
> all trimmed to fit and lacing (leather - vinyl?) around the edge located
> inside the engine lid where the insulation belongs.  That gave me yet
> another perspective - since black absorbs heat - and caused me to have
> further thought on this very subject.
Carpeting on the engine lid might do a better job of absorbing sound 
than the original fiberglass pad.  I would worry about it possibly 
melting during heat soak after a long drive on a hot day. The color 
would not make much difference.
> Yes, some owners have eliminated (and maybe a 500 never had?) the factory
> product.
LM 500 models were not fitted from the factory with engine compartment 
sound insulation.
>    So, I could understand a hot spot developing on the "hood" because
> of reflection from the air cleaner top.
Something to consider during a show on a sunny day.  Try to park with 
the front of the car facing south.
> I don't pretend to have any definitive answers on this, and that is why I
> asked if anyone is aware of a fire from this cause.  Perhaps it is a
> non-issue (until it becomes one).
The sound insulation is made from fiberglass and is non-combustible, 
unless perhaps it is saturated with oil. (wonder where that could come 

Dale Dewald
Hancock, MI

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