<VV> May 14, 1969 reflection...

Thompson, Ed ed.thompson at quarles.com
Thu May 16 11:37:11 EDT 2013

... as the last Vairs were being built at Willow Run that Wednesday afternoon, forty-four years ago (as wonderfully told and shown to us at the Jacksonville CORSA Convention in July of 2009, by 1969, 1st shift line supervisor Joe Casey, and CORSA pioneer / historian Dave Newell), I had been drafted (pre-lottery) and entered the Army the prior Friday here in Milwaukee.  Very early on the morning of May 9th, I drove w/ my Dad and a friend down to the Induction Center in my '65 Corsa turbo coupe, my first car bought in August of 1966.  Life changed a lot for me soon, my first letter (a letter, imagine that!) from home to me at Ft. Campbell KY, included the syndicated, newspaper clipping of that special moment in Corvair history.  Less than five months later, I was about 8,750 miles to the west, and during that year+, my Dad would send me (reel-to-reel) audio tapes of voices and joyous sounds from home, including of my Corvair running in the garage, and, more entertaining, of a toilet flushing in the house!   The Corsa and I parted ways several months after my return, for a new'ish Opel GT in October of 1971 (I was only 22, what did I know?), and I lost my Dad in 1988, but I can hear the sweet sound of my current Vair whenever I want (from mid-April to mid-November, that is), and that of the replacement toilet, any time...

'66 Monza sedan, 110-glide

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