<VV> tire inflation question - generic; could be for Corvair...

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Fri Oct 4 12:44:07 EDT 2013

Andy, unless the replacement tires are in some way dramatically 
different form the OE tires (i.e., different size on different-size 
wheels or some such thing), stay with the Subaru-recommended inflation 

The 44 psi maximum figure on the tire sidewall is the pressure needed by 
that tire to carry its maximum rated load.  The maximum rated load is on 
that sidewall, too, and is probably well above the weight that the Subie 
is putting on any individual tire.  This was in all likelihood true of 
the OE tires also.

Now, that said, any vehicle manufacturer's recommended inflation 
pressures are calculated to deal not only with load-carrying capacity 
but also with ride quality and handling.  To a degree you can boost the 
load-carrying capacity and enhance the handling response, at a small 
cost in ride quality, with a slight upward adjustment of the inflation 
pressures.  But my gut feeling is that your suggested 37F / 34R is a bit 
much.  I'd suggest 34F / 32R.


On 10/4/2013 12:07 PM, Kinzelman, Andy wrote:
> Guys,
> The tire inflation specs on a car show the recommended pressure for the tires originally supplied.  A family member has a Subaru which shows 32F / 30R.  The tires she has on it are rated 44 PSI max.  My guess is she should use higher pressures than shown on the sticker (gut feeling 37F / 34R).  Any suggestions, advice, or warnings?
> Thanks,
> Andy K.
> Wisconsin

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