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Hi Ned. Having transported 6 cars over the years, I can honestly recommend
Intercity Auto Transport (http://www.intercitylines.com/) (be careful, I
see some very-close appearing wannabe has cropped up on the internet) as a
first-rate transport firm. I've had cars from New York and Virginia
delivered via enclosed transport and I could not have been happier. The
drivers go so far as to drape a cloth over the door top as they rest their
arm on the driver's door to back the car out of the transport! My most
recent transport was a short haul from Southern California to San Jose for
my "ran-when-I-bought-it-but-now-it-mysteriously-doesn't" '64 Spyder
convertible. The driver team graciously helped me push my new prize a short
ways into the garage after it was carefully unloaded from their custom-made
transport trailer. Check out the website and you'll see a Who's Who list of
auto collectors listed as customers, including a clip of a Jay Leno
testimony. ("Hey, if it's good enough for Jay..."). In short, you will find
less expensive outfits but for quality you can't go wrong here.

Ken Lawyer, San Jose, CA
'66 Corsa Coupe
'64 Spyder Convertible

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