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Ramon Rodriguez III corvairgrymm at gmail.com
Sat Oct 19 02:09:02 EDT 2013

Hi guys,  I'm trying to decide what to do with a 1962 convertible I have
here.  The car needs floors which I normally don't get involved in.  The
worst part of the floors is under the rear seat, on the passenger side you
could almost drop a football through it right under where the heat vent is.

The car is good and rigid.  I have opened both doors and bounced the car up
and down as hard as I could while standing in the middle of it and the
doors still closed fine.  The body is excellent for here in the North East.
 The only bad body rust is under the rear bumper where the rear grill goes.
 The rusted area around the right rear wheel is mostly surface rust from
being left sanded down.  The actual repair needed there is small).  The
front valance is excellent.  I have not removed the rocker trim but there
is nothing showing.  The car needs a complete interior and top, I have new
seat covers for it.  I have not touched the engine yet so condition of the
drive train is unknown.  The car has a four speed, and is white with a red
interior. I have the title for it too.

So, how big a problem are the floors under the rear seat.  I'm wondering if
I should try to get it running and cleaned up and put it on ebay in the
spring more or less as it is (I have an overabundance of current Corvair
projects) or do the floors, paint it (which will cost me $200 if I do it
myself), and install an interior.  I'd also have to put a top on it.

Here are some pics:





Thanks for any input,

Ray Rodriguez III
Corvair Nut
Lake Ariel, PA

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