<VV> gas heater with AC (EM)? Late Model?

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Gas Heaters.....
As I mentioned several years ago I have the carcass (rusted VERY badly!) of 
 a very early production 1965 sport sedan (has/had just about every 
available  option on it PLUS it has an installed gas heater in the trunk and A/C). 
It is a  very professional looking installation. Sold by a Chevy dealer in 
Memphis,TN. I  got the car AFTER someone had taken the original engine out of 
it. I would guess  that the car was ordered by the dealer to be his floor 
sample as an intro to the  new body style.
Bill Hadley
New Orleans Corvair Enthusiasts
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For the  most part only the 1960 Corvair cars came with the gas heater; the 
direct air  heater became the standard heater in 1961 with the option to 
delete it and,  for a short while anyway, the option to add a gas heater. It 
appears that it  was very rare for anybody to actually order a gas heater 
option after  1960.  Although you could still technically put a gas heater in 
1962-3  cars, it was not a factory option past 1961 (as evidenced by the 
removal of  hood insulation after 1961).  

Air Conditioning was first offered  as an option in 1961.  The factory 
never offered the option of both A/C  and gas heater. 

Bill Hubbell

> On Oct 22, 2013, at 5:22 PM,  "J. R. Read" <hmlinc at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Well, I'm  sure no expert on EMs but it seems to me that an AC car would 
>  with an air heater and not a gas heater.
> Later, JR
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>> I think Bill is correct. I thought about this last night after  
>> to Rays question. Actually about 3 in the morning (?).  So was the A/C 
>> option not available on cars that had the gas  heater option? Or vise 
>> Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado  81301

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