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Wed Oct 23 23:21:36 EDT 2013

Joe - You have conflicting goals. Low money invested vs. Chinese Crap. I  
ended up buying a 220Volt two-stage vertical compressor from Harbor freight.  
Yeah, The tank might be Chinese. The two cylinder (twin stage) motor has 
"made  in USA" on it. The A.O. Smith motor has made in Mexico on it. 175 PSI 
80 gallon  tank. I do not know if it still a current model at Harbor Freight. 
The most important part is locate it away from your work area. They are  
noisy. I have it wired as 220V. I leave the breaker off, and valves to keep it 
 isolated. I keep about 150 PSI in it. Tools definitely like higher PSI. If 
I  will be needing a bunch of air, I will turn on the breaker and suffer 
the noise.  I left the compressor bolted to the shipping pallet, anchored the 
pallet to the  corner walls and chained the tank in place for safety. Also, 
mount it so you can  open a drain in the bottom of the tank. Mine it tough 
to reach and I am lazy  about draining it. If you decide to plumb your new 
building area to feed air  around, check with professionals to avoid issues 
with water and drainage.  

- Seth Emerson 
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Taruffi57 at aol.com writes:

I am  researching vertical tank compressors.  Won't be using it a lot,   
DO want it to be able to run basic air tools w/o gasping for breath  and  
surely deal with wheel lug nuts.   Need to know max.  cu. ft. per min.  @ 
PSI should do the job.  Also, What is  the difference between a sgl.  stage 
and dual stage unit?  I  know I need a water separator and  filter.  Should 
be 120 or  220 volts?  Prefer low maintainence, and  low money invested.   
particularly interested in Chinese crap.

Joe  Dunlap

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