<VV> Moisture drains I installed in my air system.

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Sat Oct 26 15:23:16 EDT 2013

on at lowest point furthest from compressor , one at bottom of both  
tanks,one near floor in cellar where pipe heads underground  (about 3 ft  higher 
than the valve hidden in a mop cabinet) to the shop. It seems to be the  most 
active. I really try to keep up with it during summer. never see any during 
This system has been going since 2006 (Detroit convention year) with no  
problems. I think I would call it "more than moderate  use" with @3-4 hours  
run time most days. I have worn out hoses on hose reels at the ends. So far I 
am  satisfied with how it works.  You always end up saying "I wish I had a  
bigger compressor" , but cash flow enters into it. It is a "home shop".
Regards, Tim Colson

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