<VV> Corvair for the not-so-mechanically inclined?

Steven J. Serenska corvair at serenska.com
Wed Oct 30 13:55:14 EDT 2013

Hello Everyone:

When I wrote my note before, I saw that the last time I updated 
everything in the "Corvair Library" was in April of 2004 -- coming up on 
10 years ago!

I have since heard offline from a few authors who have asked "What about 
my book?"

In order to keep things current, if there are any other missing titles 
that you know of that have been published in the last 10 years, please 
do let me know offline and I'll update the entire "Corvair Library" 
section of the website so that it's current. I'll email everyone here 
when that's done.

Right now, I know I am missing:

  ==> Corvair Secrets (Bob Helt)
  ==> How to Identify and Rebuild Corvair Rochester Carbs (Bob Helt)****
  ==> How to Identify and Rebuild Carter YH Carbs on Corvair 
Turbocharged Engines (Bob Helt)
==> The Corv-8 (Greg Riley)****
  ==> Lifemobile (Jonathan Rintels)
  ==> How to Hotrod the Corvair Engine and Chassis (Seth Emerson and 
Bill Fisher)
  ==> Corvair For The Not So Mechanically Inclined (Perry Moore)

I did a little research on Amazon and came up with these:

  ==> The Corvair Plastic Model Guide (Nick Whitlow) <== from 1979, I 
missed this originally
  ==> Bullet Hole Drive: A Pedal to the Metal Citywide Demolition 
Mystery (Corvair Corsa Club Series) (Volume 1) (Karl J. Niemiec)

Am I missing any others?

If anyone owns the ones on the list marked above with "****", please 
send me a scan of the cover (any size, just pop it on your scanner and 
send the image) and I'll use it to update the website.  I'd prefer to 
avoid using "Image not Available"; it helps anyone who's looking for a 
book to know what the cover looks like.

But mostly, please let me know of any other Corvair-related books I'm 


Steven "can of worms" Serenska

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