<VV> home distributor rebuild?

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Mon Sep 2 00:14:39 EDT 2013

If there is slop between the gear and shaft, replace the roll pin. While 
the gear is off, check to see that the holes in the gear and shaft are 

Use the shop manual for pictures to disassemble the distributor.

More a problem is slop on the bushing/shaft on which the point plate 
rotates. This causes all sorts of running issues.

One can rebuild this joint with fuel line brazed in place to act as a 
bushing. I do not have pictures of this repair. Dale also had a repair 
method and sold a lot of plates.

Frank DuVal

On 9/1/2013 10:28 PM, Ramon Rodriguez III wrote:
> I have the tech guide and have read through the entire ignition section.
>   This gives me lots of data on identifying correct parts for my 140/4 etc.
> which is very useful.
> My 140 distributor has just a tiny bit of slop in the shaft... it might be
> tiny enough that it's not even worth mentioning, but I'm being paranoid at
> this point.
> More noteworthy is that there is a little rotational slop in the gear to
> the shaft itself, again not much but I know it should definitely not be
> this way.
> I have two other distributors on hand, one original standard Corvair unit
> (I forget which specifically), and one replacement non-original.  The
> non-original is super tight but I know the total mechanical advance is
> totally wrong (from the tech guide) for my 140 unless I modify it
> appropriately.
> I want to build a good distributor using the correct 140 parts.  Can anyone
> direct me to a nice step by step guide for rebuilding the distributor at
> home?  I've never had one apart before so I need lots of details etc.
> Thanks,
> Ray R.

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