<VV> 1960 Corvair problems?

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RAY - I love all years and models of Corvairs but am slightly partial to 
earlies (especially FC's) - The only things to be concerned about on a 
1960 are - The gas tank, the gas heater and the single reservoir master 
cylinder.  All things you cannot modify.

Other than that a 1960 with a late motor would be great and with an 
automatic you'd have a worry free daily driver. In fact I've got my ear 
to the ground for a 1960 2 door automatic for Linda.


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Subject: <VV> 1960 Corvair problems?
>> Hi guys.
>> We are now shopping for a new EM coupe for Missy and she likes the look of
>> the 1960 model best. If a later model engine is used in a 1960 how many
>> quirks remain that could prove annoying in maintaining the car as a daily
>> driver (on the cheap!)?
>> I'm trying to talk her into buying a 61-64 instead and told her that we
>> could pick up a 1960 front panel and have it welded in to give the the
>> look
>> she wants (note that this car will be very custom anyway).   Note that
>> Missy is not concerned with any of the other features or trim unique to
>> the
>> 1960 model, only the cave nose and 1960 front emblem.
>> I hope this doesn't stir up a battle between those who like the 60 models
>> and those who don't, I just want the relevant facts to help us make an
>> informed decision.
>> Ray and Missy

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