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I was pulling Afton Mountain in 4th gear with four people in the car. 

The previous owner had wired the oil pressure and temperature switches
wrong, so the buzzer only buzzed for low oil pressure (every time I started
the car), and the temperature switch did not light the light (wire was not
on the switch!). I corrected these issues after this incident, which was in
the first month or so of ownership.

One perosn in the back seat heard the pinging and alerted me. Top down, 60
mph, lots of wind noise. And that was back in my 20s when I could actually

Frank DuVal

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On 9/29/2013 7:34 PM, Frank DuVal wrote:
> Yes, mine was operator error, and not looking at the temperature gauge.
> Two strikes and you're out!
> Yet, later I drove it, as my only daily transportation, at interstate
> speeds in over 100°F weather here on the east coast. Smarter and
> watching the temperature gauge to moderate speed vs road condition
> (hills). Worked great.
> Frank DuVal

when it overheated, and the temp gauge was reading 600 plus - what 
caused it to run that high?
Was it just a thrown belt? just a hard pull? Low RPM? high RPM? other 
Seems like a big red idiot light might be a nice feature, in addition to 
the gauge.

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