<VV> Reliability, etc. of a turbo; was: Corvair Classic

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Mon Sep 30 13:03:25 EDT 2013

    Sounds like a poor excuse from someone who can't seem to figure out just WHY he can't get it to "run like that again".
However, I wouldn't recommend turbo Corvairs for someone who doesn't want to learn how they are different from "regular" Corvairs.
Frank Burkhard

> 64_chevrolet_corvair_convertible/

The article said:

<Many owners suggested I
> avoid buying a turbo. (The Corvair was one of the first  mainstream production
> cars to offer a blower.) As one put it, ³That thing will  run great once, and
> then you spend the entire summer trying to get it to run  like that again.²
> >

I've never owned a turbo.  What's the general consensus out there?  Was the
> advice given the author of the article correct?

~Bill Stanley



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