<VV> Need Corvair Club and help in Townsend MT

J. R. Read hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 5 21:33:31 EST 2014


I checked the CORSA web site and could find no local club listed in MT. 
While there, I ordered a member roster as mine is way out of date.  Perhaps 
someone who has a current one could check for any MT CORSA members?

Later, JR

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>I had a phone call today from Montana asking for help here on  a 65 140HP
> powerglide car just purchased near here. I am way too booked up  on heavy
> motor work , plus I would love to work on my own soon. The car will be 
> moved
> to Montana later this year. Is there a Club nearby? Is there a qualified
> Corvair wrench nearby?
> Townsend MT is about 20 mi so. of the capital of the  state, Helena .
> Funny, I was just now going to see if I could find a "corsa"club  near by? 
> What
> u got? Any help will help.
> Please contact Jerry at   _ponderette at mt.net_ (mailto:ponderette at mt.net)
> if you can help  him.
> Regards, Tim Colson  CNYCC
> http://www.cnycorvair.com/CNYCorvair.php 

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