<VV> Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner Critique?

Rodney Sampson rsampson at kc.rr.com
Sun Feb 9 12:39:57 EST 2014

   A few years ago, I went down the same path on a smaller scale.
   I have a 3-4 quart cleaner, have tried kerosene, diesel fuel ,carb cleaner and rust remover.
   I haven't found the added action of the ultrasonic to be of much benefit.
   Maybe someone else has had different results?

Rodney Sampson

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    HI. I am considering an upgrade to a faster and more effective cleaning system for my carburetors. I am looking at
    several of the larger ultrasonic and cavitation devices on the market. Since they can be VERY expensive, I am checking
    to see if anyone out there has some experience they would share about their effectiveness or lack of it and upkeep before making a purchase. Thanks for any input, private or public.

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