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Tue Feb 11 13:25:11 EST 2014

I am also awaiting his answer. I want to add one more thing about  
Carburetor Cleaner - at least the kind that comes in a 5-gallon metal dip pail.  I 
bought one of those many years ago. I used it for dipping Rochesters - as a  
matter of fact Rochester H series were the ONLY carbs that ever went into  
it. Carb cleaner, like most petrochemical products floats on water, so when 
you  dip stuff, the dip-tray has legs on it to keep it off the bottom, where 
water  will eventually accumulate, usually due to condensation. My story is 
that the  only time the Fire Department has ever visited my house was due to 
a leak from  that 5-gallon can. After sitting for many years, covered but 
outside my garage,  that water eventually ate a small hole through the bottom 
of the can. First the  remaining water exited, then the carb cleaner began 
to seep out. A neighbor, a  couple of houses away noticed the smell and 
called the Fire Dept. I was able to  clean up the leak before any reached the 
soil next to the concrete, under the  watchful eye of the Fireman, who 
didn't/wouldn't/couldn't leave until it was a  non-issue. It probably will never 
happen to you, but just be prepared in case it  does.
- Seth Emerson 
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corvair at serenska.com writes:

>  Yes, I did my last two sets of carbs in that nasty carb cleaner, it 
>  leaves a residue if you aren't careful.
Could you please expand on  this?  What kind of residue gets left 
behind?  From the cleaner  itself or something else?

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