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Sat Feb 22 21:35:33 EST 2014

Hank, my experience with Batteries Plus a couple of years ago was not good. 
Replaced two batteries with their batteries on my diesel Duramx.. One 
leaked-boiled over, the other replacement didn't. Corroded everything on 
that side, even after multiple neutralizing attempts and paint. BP replaced 
that battery. It did it too. Both are connected together in parallel.. I 
sh*t canned both batteries and bought Sears and they have been fine since. 
BP may have changed brands, but for car batteries, Batteries Plus is not for 

Chuck S
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From: "hank kaczmarek" >
> Here's a tip though-----There's a nationwide chain of stores called
> "Batteries Plus".  They sell everything from the hearing aid type 
> batteries
> for your modern key fob device to Diesel/Marine Deep Cell and even larger.
> See if there's one near you.
> http://www.batteriesplus.com/t-storeloc.aspx
> Good Luck

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