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Sun Feb 23 14:34:11 EST 2014

????Mentioning Steve McQueen reminds me of his great acting job in the  
ORIGINAL 1968 movie?"The Thomas Crown Affair".? A couple of scenes show him  
"vigorously" driving a Meyers Manx dune buggy with a Corvair 140 engine?in 
sandy  dunes.? Here's the youtube reference: 
????? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6vogI1JZZg
Just a reminder that those Meyer Manx dune buggies were made more popular  
in the 60's when Ted Trevor decided to use Corvair 140 engines to do his  
racing. He was quite successful and Steve McQueen was quick to notice their  
quickness and handling. For Ted that led to his next project, the Crown 
Corv-8  Conversion. With a shop lot full of Corvairs with no engines, Ted 
installed  a V8 in one and soon others were wanting them too. Shortly later  the 
Crown Kit was born and Corvair performance and handling leaped  forward.
Yesterday the reactivated v8Registry signed up its 100th member. On  
February 12th, Ted Trevor celebrated his 85th birthday. For his age, Ted is  still 
doing fairly well. He still owns his #1 shop car. Check out his car on our  
website at v8vairs.com. Ted is currently listed as an Honorary CORSA  
Member. Guys like John Fitch, Don Yenko and Ted Trevor made racing Corvairs  fun. 
We owe them all a lot. Fortunately, Ted is still with us.
John Lanning
Crestwood, KY
CORSA, v8Registry, Derby City Corvair, PCG,  SCCA

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