<VV> Loose steering.

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Mon Feb 24 01:07:46 EST 2014

Step one is to check the pitman bushing. This is the bushing between the 
pittman arm on the steering box and the center link (drag link). If you 
get the nylon bushing that is supposed to fit into the steel shell that 
stays behind when you remove the rubber bushing, it is an easy job. If 
you get a nylon that fits the center link without the shell, or buy a 
rubber/steel original type, get set for chiseling out the old steel 
shell. Sometimes it is easier to remove the center link and use a vise 
to hold it to drive out the steel shell.

The nut in the trunk just holds the adjusting screw secure. You loosen 
the nut , adjust the screw (see shop manual) then snug the nut to hold 
the adjustment. If the screw goes level or disappears into the nut, it 
is time to rebuild the steering box.

When diagnosing loose steering, it helps to have someone turn the 
steering wheel while you look at all the joints  and see if there is 
excessive movement. Any of the joints can cause loose steering (tie rod 
ends, ball joints, pittman bushing, idler arm).

Frank DuVal

On 2/23/2014 9:04 PM, Ignacio Valdes wrote:
> Hi, My 64 coupe steering is loose. Tightened the little nut in the trunk as
> far as it will go. Still loose. What to do/check? -- IV

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