<VV> FC "Platform, " Was: Car of the Week: 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Rampside pickup

Vairtec Corporation vairtec at comcast.net
Mon Feb 24 17:56:21 EST 2014

The FC suspension shares some pieces and some design elements with 
Corvair cars and other Chevies, but are otherwise unique.

There is virtually no similarity to the Corvair cars in the unit-body 

They use the same rear semi-trailing arms as the cars, but use 
longer/thicker axle shafts, and larger axle bearings.  They use a unique 
rear crossmember, 11-inch brakes, and unique coil springs.

Up front, there are many similarities to the 1958-64 Chevy full-size 
passenger car front suspension but the only parts that truly interchange 
are the ball joints.

There has been at leat one Corvair 95 in my family since the Fall of 
1960.  Currently, there are two.


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