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I guess that I did not state it well.  To be able to participate in the 
events and the awards dinner, you must be a member.  You get a whole lot 
more out of a convention when you are a participant rather than a bystander.

It does get me a bit po'd to see folks who are not registered for the 
convention walk into the vendor room and take advantage of "convention 
discounts".  But I don't really mean to start a thread on that issue so I'll 
just be quiet.

Later, JR

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> Now there's a dumb rule, IMO.
> Anyone can attend the convention and meet the people and see the Corvairs. 
> They just can't participate in the events or banquet. Why not invite 
> EVERYONE to participate in the convention activities to show how great 
> CORSA membership can be?
> Ned
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> And either of those membership options provide you with eligibility to
> attend the annual CORSA convention - an opportunity to see hundreds of
> Corvairs in one place and to get to personally know many of the folks who
> provide tips here on VV on how to solve many of the problems which might
> otherwise prevent you from fully enjoying your Corvair(s).
> Later, JR

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