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On Feb 28, 2014, at 3:17 AM, Karl Haakonsen (cityhawk at pobox.com) wrote:

> Corvair people don't know how lucky we are to have an organization like CORSA. That there is an obscure, orphan car that many of us can use as daily drivers because there is a readily available supply of reproduction parts for it in spite of the car's being abandoned by its parent, as well as a permanent home for technical information which is readily available, all for about the price of a tank of gas. 

Hi Karl,

Nice rant :-)  I will say that some of us do know how lucky we are - we have a couple cars that enjoy a following, but I'll tell you that none compare to the Corvair in terms of available support, repro parts, historical knowledge, etc.  The CORSA Tech Guide is far and away the best resource when compared to what's available for the Miata - that's right, not an orphan, but the most raced car in the world and also that's still in production.  Last year I wanted to find out what are the correct springs for the sport suspension package.  Easy peasy for a 'Vair, but the Miata I had to research myself, even the vendors were of little help.

Believe me, joining CORSA - no matter what level of involvement you desire - makes the Corvair world much more enjoyable.  That URL again is http://www.corvair.org  Operators are standing by!

Now back to our regular programming!

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