<VV> Presidential lurker - Now FC engine question.

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Fri Feb 28 12:32:35 EST 2014

I'll have to confess something...

I've been mostly hanging out on CCF but since it's been down, I've read a few VV digests.  I'm going into Corvair discussion withdrawal.  

Great discussions here regarding CORSA membership/convention attendance and Karls rant about the Saturn folks trying to organize.  Probably much like our guys were back in 1969/1970 but they didn't have the technology at their disposal that we do now.

FC Engine question...
I am working on a 63 Rampside with a Franken-motor (engine).  It has the original(?) truck engine block but 140hp heads, LM cooling fan and 12-plate oil cooler.  Whomever put it together seemed to have a pretty good idea what they were doing.  It runs pretty well now that I have matching carbs on it (secondaries are blocked).  I'm still chasing a charging system problem but here is my question.  This engine has a solid crank pulley.  Should it have a harmonic balancer?  I don't know anything else about the engine internals.


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