<VV> Corvairs at speed---Solo report

Warren LeVeque levair at aol.com
Mon Jun 2 14:26:42 EDT 2014

WE went to the Indy Speedrome yesterday. It was freshly paved and fast: a great course with fun sweepers. There was also a car show. Last year I won it with my Stinger---alas not this year. 

Corvairs made a good show:

My 64 Spyder  mid engined roadster was first in E Modified and fastest of all the fendered cars. 
Michael was second in E/Mod with his orange SPU road racing Corvair.
   Other E Mods in order:
A 1963 Full race Corvette with an electronic fuel injected 427 alum engine. His 500 hp seemed to lead to near spins. Went faster a gear up.
    A VW Beetle with a turbo Subaru in it. 
    a Lotus 7 clone with a 4.3 race V6

Paul Fox drove his nearly stock 65 Corvair to an ESP win.

A Great day!


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