<VV> 140 PG swap complete - fuel tank filler pipe leak

Sethracer at aol.com Sethracer at aol.com
Mon Jun 9 01:56:23 EDT 2014

Charlie - If it is the filler pipe, the only time it will leak is if there  
is way more than half a tank of gas in it - at least while it is sitting  
still. Did you notice a leak from the pipe while trying to fill the tank?  If 
so, try to slide a smaller hose down the filler pipe into the tank and put 
a  couple of gallons in, slowly. If it is leaking out at that point, sitting 
 still, it cannot be the filler. The filler is near the top of the tank. If 
 there is a bunch of crappy fuel in the tank, you should go ahead and meet 
the  guy's requirement with an external tank. - Seth
In a message dated 6/8/2014 4:21:27 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
virtualvairs at corvair.org writes:

Trying  to switch to the tank, the filler pipe leaks  badly.

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