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Jack Pinard corvairjack at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 13 13:18:04 EDT 2014

Do you realize how ridiculous it is to discuss water on a Corvair blog!
But as a native Californian I must defend my state from scurrilous attacks by migrants the ill informed.
1. Water is safe to drink in all of the state. All private and public suppliers must meet strict state and federal standards and issue detailed annual reports to all users.
2. Pollution is not evident. There is limited fracking in California, and it is strictly regulated. We have not suffered oil and chemical spills polluting streams and rivers as in other states.
3. Charlie's water is primarily local groundwater from an arid basin, supplemented if needed by water imported from Colorado River. 
4. Taste is subjective. California suppliers consistently rank high in national tests.
Santa Ana is 2014 winner, using groundwater in a basin 60 miles west of Hemet.
5. The water problem in California is quantity, not quality. Most Southern California cities rely on water from Northern California mountains and the Colorado River. Currently all the state is experiencing extreme to severe drought from lack of rain and snow.
I suggest professor Charlie check the plumbing in his trailer for crud and ask a doctor to test his tongue's taste buds.  Lets use this space to discuss Corvairs.
82 and no rusty pipes

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