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Same place on FCs.  I just went through this drill with the state police 
stolen vehicle inspector to find the "confidential serial number"- as 
insurance companies call it. The inspector had come out to the shop to 
visually inspect the number with the front suspension removed.  He then 
filled out three pages for forms and sent a fax to the national crime 
data base to search for that particular serial number to see if it had 
ever been reported as stolen.  He then escorted me to the county 
courthouse where an assistant county clerk filed the paper work for a 
corrected title.  Three days later the state police vehicle inspector 
called and said he was ready to install my new VIN plate.  I invited him 
out and he installed it in accordance with the accompanying paperwork.  
Total cost $6.00.

I might mention that I have owned this particular Rampside for 27 years 
and the title has been transferred among four states.  Last year 
Kentucky found the error in my truck's title and demanded it be 
corrected, so instead of a St Louis manufactured truck - the 22,343 FC 
down the line in 1961, I ended up with a Flint manufactured truck 11,233 
down the line.
Jim Davis

.On 6/16/2014 10:31 PM, Smitty via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Smitty Says;   Must remove the front axle to see hidden vin.  It is 
> located on the sheet metal of the sub frame on the left side and is 
> covered by the spring tower when the axle is installed.  It is located 
> on the outer part of the sub frame and not on the bottom.  This is the 
> number used by insurance companies and the law when the VIN is in 
> question.
>> Two questions;
>> 1) Is there any other place on the car besides the vin tag,that would 
>> have the
>> vin number stamped in it?

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