<VV> 140 PG driveline swap complete ~ video

Charlie chaz at properproper.com
Fri Jun 20 00:08:53 EDT 2014

Thanks for all your help getting my 140 PG driveline swap completed!

Here is the status of the car at this point ~ not "pretty" yet but getting

The important thing is : one more Corvair making it back into the Corvair

Here is the video of the current state of this particular "art" :
(NOTE: The initial noise is not the Monza, but the house's AC unit nearby)

Also, I may sell the "gold" interior panels that are on the car now, since
they would probably go nicely on a more "luxurious" version of what someone
else who's restoring a "golden" car?

The door panel and rear "kick" panels are nearly perfect as are the "gold"
sun visors, although the seats are pretty torn up.

Take a look at the video and let me know how much work I'd have to do to
restore the interior, if I don't sell the "gold" parts and replace it with
something easier to find, or maybe customize an new interior?

What do you think?


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Got a buddy with spare space?  Park it there for a while until you get it

Why is VV not on the recipient list above?

Later, JR

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> Yeah, I like plan C too, but it may not be a quick fix, what with building
> codes and licensing, time to build, etc, but would certainly be a boon to
> working on my beloved Corvair, indoors
> A garage would also be away from prying neighbors who can also see my 
> tools
> and want them for themselves!
> So now the question is whether I can get the parts and the expertise I 
> need
> to accomplish Plan A, B, or C before the tow truck comes?!?!?
> That should be 10 days so time to put the work gloves on!
> I sure did learn a LOT about PGs, though!!!!
> Charlie
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> I like plan C. I am currently also working on the plans to build a bigger
> garage. This way you don't need to feel like you are down to the last day
> timeline.
> Timothy Shortle in YOU CAN'T HAVE TOO BIG A GARAGE Durango Colorado 81301
> Getting ready to drive Corvan Camper tomorrow morning to Chama NM for our
> tri state meet

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