<VV> Spark Plug Gap size question

Bob Gilbert 1 bgilbert at gilberts-bc.ca
Sat Jun 21 11:06:01 EDT 2014


This is a generic question about spark plug gap size.


For a given motor, Corvair or otherwise, with everything in good working
order and a good ignition system, what is the impact of running a smaller vs
a larger gap size, say for arguments sake .030 vs. 035? 


Some of the things that come to mind include:


Does it impact fuel economy?

Does it impact  torque?

Does it impact max RPM?

What do race cars have - wider or narrower gaps?

Does spark plug gap size matter when the vehicle is under load?


Overall, does it really matter as long as a "good" spark is produced?


Thanks in advance!


Corsa 180 turbo convertible

UltraVan with 3.1, 4 barrel


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