<VV> 140 PG driveline swap complete ~ oil leaks stopped ...

Jay Maechtlen jaysplace at laserpubs.com
Sat Jun 21 22:52:29 EDT 2014

On 6/20/2014 9:28 PM, Charlie via VirtualVairs wrote:
> The fuel tank is next, since the rubber seems to have fallen to pieces (ala
> Patsy Cline), although the tank itself seems to be solid.
> No  rust or damage to the tank is visible (or can be felt) from below, so
> now I just have to replace that hose and clean the gunk out (remove the tank
> ~ a big job, no?)
> Until then, the marine temp tank will suffice, so no long trips (not
> registered yet anyway!)
> Charlie

An early gas tank isn't that big a deal, don't know about a late.

Jay Maechtlen

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