<VV> Decoding 1961 Fisher Trim tag codes - I need your help.

Rick Loving ral1963 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 25 21:46:59 EDT 2014

I am working on decoding the ACC codes for the Fisher Trim tag on the 1961
Corvairs produced at Willow Run, Oakland, and Kansas City.
I am in need of examples of Trim tag data for the following specific factory
installed 1961 options.
# 1 A Kansas City built ( KC ) 61 Monza with factory AC
 (I have both Willow Run and Oakland examples but would like more to double
verify my data, buy do not have any examples of a KC build)
#2 Any 1961 Sedan or Wagon with factory front Bucket Seats
#3 Willow Run builds with factory installed Gas Heaters instead of the
Direct Air Heater.
Please send pictures of Trim tags to RAL1963 at comcast.net and details about
the car regarding the following possible options.
Please answer all of the following questions..(these must be factory
installed items, not added on by owners or dealers)
Does the car have Direct Air Heat or Gasoline Heater?
Does the car have factory Air Conditioning?
Does the car have clear glass windshield?
Does the car have tinted windshield only or tinted glass in all windows?
If the car is a 500/700 car or 500 wagon does it have the C & C equipment
    (This was standard on Monza's and I believe Lakewood's)
If the car is a 500/700 4 door  does it have read door armrests?
If the car is a 500 series does it have Deluxe Body Equipment?
Does the car have 3 speed, 4 speed, or Powerglide?
Does the car have a padded dash or non-padded dash?
Does the car have folding rear seat or non -folding rear seat?
Does the car have front bucket seats or bench seat?
Possible Option List
RPO 113 Direct Air Heater	
RPO 118 Gas Heater	
RPO 114 Air Conditioning	
RPO 398 Tinted Glass All	
RPO 120 Comfort &  Convenience Equip:	
           ---     Outside Rear View Mirror	
           ---     Windshield Washers	
           ---     Back-up Lights	
           ---     Glove Box Light	
RPO 248 Rear Door Armrest on 500/700 4 Door	
RPO 347 Deluxe Body Equipment on 500	
           ---      Cigarette Lighter	
           ---     Front Armrests	
           ----    Right-Hand Sunshade	
RPO 360 Powerglide Automatic Transmission	
RPO 651 Fours-Speed Transmission	
RPO 427 Padded Instrument Panel	
RPO 664 Folding Rear Seat on 500/700	
RPO 7** Front Bucket Seats on Monza 969	
Standard Features	
Direct Air Heater	
Non-Padded Dash	
Clear Windshield glass	
** 3-Speed Transmission	
** Front and Rear Grey Cloth Bench Seats - 500 only	
** Front and Rear Vinyl and Cloth Bench Seats - 700 only	
  Color keyed Vinyl coated Front and 	
  Rear Floor Mats, Color keyed Door Panels 	
  Anodized Aluminum Glove Box Door	
  Dual Horns, automatic front door light switches,	
  coat hooks	
**  Vinyl Front Bucket Seats and folding Rear Seats - Monza coupe	
  Carpeted Floors, back-up lights, wheel covers	
  dual sunvisors, front arm rests, cigarette lighter	
  glove compartment light, deluxe steering wheel	
  with horn ring	
** Cloth and Vinyl Front and Rear Bench Seats -Monza Sedan	
  Carpeted Floors, back-up lights, wheel covers	
  dual sunvisors, front and rear arm rests,	
  glove compartment light,  cigarette lighter,	

  deluxe steering wheel with horn ring
Rick Loving

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