<VV> Coupe Parts and Ultravan For Sale - Huntington WVA

Scott Morehead moreheadscott at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 30 12:34:52 EDT 2014

Folks -

I'm passing on a great deal - CORSA Clone in progress - Ultravan and loads of parts - should be able to get everything super duper cheap - but needs to be sold and moved very very soon.  Guys name is Jeff Irwin - His phone number is 614-679-2768   jirwin at norse.com  Good luck - he does have photos in the cloud (but you won't be able to see them on a clear day - for the wise crackers)  for your perusal - The Ultravan - looks complete but needs some work - says valves need to be reset on a 140hp - clone - does not have a motor installed but does have the motor and loads of parts - I believe about six engines and other parts.

That's about all I know - I was going to send an 18 wheeler in there and get everything but the neighborhood streets are to narrow.  I could have hired a local tow truck to prestage them but...............and more ..........

Hope someone can save them - Matt - I know you will and thanks for forwarding!

Best regards,

Scott Morehead
T-mobile Cellular
843 - 478 - 4223

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